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First Step - Order Your Kit


This is the first part of our process. Our kit contains everything you need to collect your cord sample. Instructions, sealed blade, specimen jar, information card & a fully pre-paid return FedEx envelope to send the cord sample back to us. The kit is only $8.00 & there is no commitment to purchase a canvas if you change your mind.

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Order Your Kit

Ready to Order your canvas?

price from$280.00

Once you've returned your Collection Kit to us - you can now choose your canvas below. A Little Cord Art canvas is definitely not off-the-shelf art; both our process and the end product are customized just for you.

Please select the shape of the canvas that you want your art to be placed on from the options provided below.

  • Select a rectangle shaped canvas
  • Select a panorama shaped canvas
  • Select a square shaped canvas
  • Select a group of canvases